Friday, January 16, 2009

It's Cold Outside

Can I just say it is COOOOOOLD outside today? It was 6 degress F when I sent the kids to school today. And there is ICE on my office windows! My son is supposed to go camping tonight. IN TENTS! Are they nuts? (Yes, of course they are. Not only are they boys and men, they are Boy Scouts. Sigh...)

A bit difficult to see here, but that's not just condesation on my windows! But see my nifty new heater under the window? At least I have real heat this winter. The last few years I've had to make due with a space heater in winter, and a box fan in front of the barely-working AC in the summer. Who builds a house - even a 100-year-old house, and leaves one room completely off the heating system?

Here you get a better sense of the ice. It's so thick near the bottom I can't even write you a scary-scratched-in-ice-message-from-beyond without getting frostbite!

And while my ice photography may leave something to be desired, my friend over at A Novel Woman has no such difficulties. I'll leave you an ice picture from her blog back in December.

How's the weather where you are? And if it's warm, can I come visit?


Tara Parker said...


It's 19 degrees here in Raleigh. Yuck. And it's colder in my office than it is in our Server room - very annoying.

Stay warm!

Jenny Graman Meyer said...

My husband keeps threatening to retire to Hawaii. I keep telling him it's too far away. But if it's 19 in Raleigh, maybe I should reconsider! ~g~

You stay warm too!

Jennifer Hendren said...


Well, yesterday it was -9 when I drove to work...but this morning was a real scorcher at +9 degrees. I'm praying for summer.


Jenny Graman Meyer said...

Jen -
Ah summer...heat steaming off the pavement, the glare of the sun off the water, children playing on skateboards. Only a few months to wait!