Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bring Your Character to Therapy

Just a quick notice to those of you who don't hang out regularly at the Compuserve Books and Writer's Forum. Starting Monday, January 19 we're having a House Party hosted by your local fictional "therapists" (aka - the staff in Writer's Exercises) in the Writer's Exercises section. The theme of the house party is "Bring Your Character to Therapy". It's not too late to get registered and join in the fun. (Registration is free - it's just a place to introduce your character.)

You may be asking yourself - what's a House Party? The idea of this periodic activity is to have a theme party where you bring one or more of your fictional characters to interract with the characters of other writers in the hopes that you'll (1) have fun and (2) learn more about your character and how he or she interracts and reacts in different situations.

This month's "therapy" theme is about getting to know your character more deeply - delve into their inner selves, by having them interract with a "therapist" who will ask probing open ended questions that may even force the character to reveal secrets they've been keeping from you!

If this isn't quite up your alley, Jen Hendren is also running a Tension on Every Page exercise that's been very popular and well received.

Come play with us in the Writer's Exercises folder this month!


Sheila Lamb said...

Hi Jenny -
I need my own therapy before I bring Brigid to it ;-)

Jenny Graman Meyer said...

Maybe you could get help vicariously! Come play with us!