Saturday, October 18, 2008

Getting Ready for Surrey International Writers' Conference 08

So, exactly what does it take to leave one's family for 6 days? Well, if you're my husband, you pack your suitcase, give everyone a kiss, and off you go. (Okay, perhaps that is simplifying things. I'm sure there are things at work he must take care of too. )

I leave for Surrey International Writer's Conference in 5 days (if you count today. It's only a little past noon, so I guess that's fair).

  1. Complete assignments for new job. I'm now working 10-20 hours a week (depending on demand) from home. It's a great job so far, working for a former boss, doing health care insurance claim data analysis. The people are nice, very flexible, and extremely appreciative of everything I've done so far. But I'm home to take care of sick kids, etc... which there seems to be a lot of lately. Given 4 days of kids home sick this week, I'm behind by about 3 hours and need to make that up this weekend, plus work 6 hours Monday and Tuesday.

  2. Laundry. There's always laundry. I've already started 3 loads this morning. By my count, I've got 4 left.

  3. Grocery Shopping: I tried to pull out of the kids what they'd be willing to help cook this week. My daughter - cheesy hamburger (like sloppy joes with cheese wiz, served on a bun with tator tots on the side. I know, no self-respecting mother would ever serve this. It's one of those holdovers from my own childhood. ) My son - breakfast for dinner.

  4. Leave instructions for cooking meals (see above) and those Dear Husband agreed to cook. Heaven forbid anyone pay attention when I'm here, or open a cookbook!

  5. Speaking of instructions, I'll need to write out everything about who needs to be where and when. Not that it's any different from any other week, but, you know.

  6. Pack. Yeah! I've bought new outfits for Surrey. I don't know why I always feel the need to do this, but there's nothing to make one feel good and confident but something new and pretty to wear. I looked last night at a new blouse I bought and didn't notice until the tags were gone that it's dry clean only. Sigh. But it's pretty, so I'm keeping it! I also got a hair cut and color. Hair is too dark (didn't I say "my natural but currently faded strawberry? It's pretty much auburn.) And too short. Guess that's what I get for my moment of vanity.

  7. Write?! I have that editor blue pencil appointment (with Lisa Rector-Maass). I plan to take the piece I wrote while in Colorado with Tricia. My beginning. I periodically love it and hate it. I know it needs more polish. I'm not sure that's going to happen before Surrey. I was going to cancel the appointment, but Tricia (thank you) reminded me the purpose of the blue pencil appointment is to get feedback and advice, not to present something perfect, so...

  8. Finish bookmarks. I did these a few years ago to pass out at the conference and it was fun! ere are two of my favorites from this year:

  9. Load Kodak software on my laptop. Laptop! Hurray! Dear Husband won a laptop in his company raffle to give away some of the old laptops they were replacing. So, it's not state-of-the-art or anything, but it is a laptop! I'm hoping to post pictures of Surrey along with my blog updates (again, all depending on web access from the hotel).

I'm sure I'll think of more, but actually, it doesn't look quite so overwhelming, now that I've written it all down. Anyway, hope to talk to you next week from Surrey!


Cate said...

Ah, the frantic race to get ready. This is the part I'm not missing. ;)

Instead, I'm actively debating NaNoWriMo. For once, I won't be completely exhausted.

Jenny Graman Meyer said...

NaNoWritMo - I know I could never do this. One thing I've learned about myself and writing. Other goals and deadlines I'm fine with. As soon as a set a goal or deadline for writing, I freeze up and that's it. Sigh...guess that's why it's taking me so long.

Glad you're looking at the bright side!