Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Writer's Retreat

3 Days of no obligations. Nothing to do but relax, enjoy the scenery, and write. Nothing to feel guilty over not doing (i.e., there's laundry to be folded, dishes to be washed, children to spend time with, a husband not to ignore).

Tricia and I spent 3 nights at the Lakeside Cottages in Green Mountain Falls, CO. ( It felt like being a guest in Kim and Lon's home, such is the care they show to their cottages, landscaping and guests. I can't remember the last time I've felt so relaxed. And having a good friend there with me was wonderful. Our days went something like this:

(1) Get up whenever and eat something (we had some groceries and a kitchen in our cottage). Maybe read for a few minutes.

(2) Settle in to write.

(3) Stop to ask questions: Does this sound all right? Can you read this when you get a chance? Can we brainstorm about this character for a moment?

(4) Write some more.

(5) Eventually need a break. Shop in the quaint town of Manitou, visit the Cliff Dwellings, take a walk around the lake.

(6) Pick up lunch or dinner while out.

(7) Write some more

(8) Stay up late talking

(9) Sigh over a satisfying day

(10) Sleep

(11) Repeat

In terms of word count, Tricia did better than I did. But I feel good about finally getting an opening scene nailed down that I feel good about. Maybe, in the end, it won't stand, but for now it's like having the foundation built - something that I can build upon, weaving in all those pieces of the story I've already written, and those that I need to fit in now that I've got a better idea of my structure (having gone through the Hero's Journey process).
I just wish I could recapture that feeling of utter peace and joy in sitting down to write that I had while in Colorado. Splended place.


Anonymous said...

I've been back to real life for three whole days. Can we go back now?

Jenny Graman Meyer said...

I'm there! (g) Real life stinks.

Lottery Girl said...

Oh I am so glad you guys had fun and that it was productive as well!

Anonymous said...

What great times! And congrats on the writing!


Jenny Graman Meyer said...

Stephanie and Rhonddalyn,
Thanks! One year we'll have to plan a time when we can all go together. Now, wouldn't THAT be fun!

Stephanie - I can see why you love Colorado. Something in the air, or the water, creates instant relaxation. I haven't felt that wonderful in years!

Gerb said...

Oooh, Jenny. That sounds like heaven.

Linda, dreaming...