Thursday, May 15, 2008

Writing, Not...and my new roommates

Okay - you may be wondering why I haven't posted much lately about my writing journey - and my exploration of The Hero's Journey, and my outline, and....

Uhmm...I haven't worked on my book for at least two weeks.

Now, this was a conscious decision on my part. I've had a lot going on, and a number of commitments, and I just knew something had to go. But I swear, come Monday, I'm back in the saddle. Besides, I'm responsible for a Hero's Journey workshop starting in June on the Compuserve forum, so I'd better get myself moving!

But I do wonder, why is it when life gets busy, writing always seems to be one of the first things to fall by the wayside? Do you find this to be true for yourself? How do you combat this? Do you have any special techniques for getting yourself up and running again quickly after spending time away from your writing?

And while you ponder those questions, check out my new roommates. For Mother's Day, my kids purchased supplies to get my aquarium up and running again (it's been about 10 years). The tank now resides on the shelves behind my desk chair - shelves just recently relocated to that wall, replacing the Eliptical Trainer that sat there for 2 years collecting dust (I thought I'd be more motivated to exercise if the Eliptical Trainer was so "convenient" (blush).

Anyway, my tank now has 5 fish, and they watch me work over my shoulder. No, really! Whenever I turn around, they are looking at me through the glass. Very intellectual fish!

The Atlantian theme was the kids' idea.

Here are four of the fish. The last one is shy!


Lottery Girl said...

The kids were thoughtful to get your aquarium up and running again. Used to have fish when I was a kid. So peaceful...

Yup, writing is the first thing to go when life gets busy. I'm thinking it's pretty much a lost cause at this point with summer coming on, because the girls have so much going on and I want to be right there with them. I am going to try and see if I can sell some non-fiction pieces in conjunction with some stuff we do. We'll see!

Jenny Graman Meyer said...

Good luck with the non-fiction sales! So what fun summer plans do you have?

V. Gaboury said...

I am actually working on getting back into writing AGAIN and I was looking for your wonderful muse exercises. I used a few ideas in class and the kids LOVED them as much as I did. (I gave you credit, were your ears ringing?)

I am looking forward to more and will be checking out the Heros Journey, but I wanted to tell you I stopped by and I enjoyed your entries. Thank you for sharing your life thoughts and writing thoughts. (I like the brick wall by Randy P too. :-))

As you may be able to tell as to how I bust in and out, I find writing drops first. I think I need to make an office--love yours-so I can focus instead of sittin at the kitchen table. :-)
I get back into by reading other's blogs and going back to CompuServe.

Have a great day!

Jenny Graman Meyer said...

Sorry the muse exercises have fallen by the wayside too! I'll try to get another one up soon. If you're interested for school, I can copy the whole packet from Cricket Peckstein (where a few of the exercsies came from) and send it to you. P-mail me on the forum if you want.

Hope you enjoy the Hero's Journey workshop! Running it is certainly jump-starting my writing again (g).

Susan Adrian said...

Hi Jenny! to say hi. Hadn't been to your blog before. :)

Lynne said...

Very nice fish. I followed you from writer's forum to say hi. HI! waving in a crazy sort of way. It's just me.