Friday, April 25, 2008

Six Random Facts about Me

I've been tagged. (Beware, you may be next!)

Rose tagged me to write six random things about myself.

The rules:
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c. Write six random things about yourself.
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Okay, here goes...

(1) I did not grow up wanting to be a writer. In actuality, until my senior year of college, I wanted to be a psychologist. The writing bug hit me about 5 years ago and I've been trying to figure out how to do it well ever since.

(2) My all-time favorite vacation was to Hawaii. I got engaged to my husband there, but that doesn't explain my fondness for the islands. Up until that point, my travels had been limited (we went to Florida to see my grandparents every year). So Hawaii was just this wonderful tropical oasis. The engagement? My husband being who he is waited until the second to last night of a two week vacation, one month before his "drop dead" date to propose. When not snorkling or otherwise enjoying the scenery, I spent most of the time trying to figure out where my next apartment was going to be!

(3) I love learning. Given unlimited funds, my chosen career would be professional student. In addition to still working on learning this writing thing, my most recent endeavor is learning web design. It's facinating, and I love it.

(4) One of my childhood dreams was to live in an old house. My grandparents had a farm when I was growing up, and most of my happiest childhood memories are associated with that farm. I currently live in a big house built in 1906 (it's definately no farm house, but it is old.) . My adult dream is to live in a brand new house that never needs anything beyond minor repairs - and all the rooms have fresh paint and new carpet at the same time! {g}

(5) I love crafting. As a child, I learned to crochet and embroider. I've pretty much left the embroidery behind (although I do have this dream of making a crazy quilt), but I generally crochet something at least once a year. And as an adult, I learned to quilt - which I love but can be quite expensive. I also make stamped cards, and will try just about any craft once. In recent years I paper-mache'd a chip bowl for myself, made a rag rug for my front porch, created a locker-hook rug (also for the porch), scrapbooked, and, well, anything I can find an excuse for!

(6) I volunteer a lot of my time. Currently, I have a Girl Scout troop of 12 high school girls who are all working on their Gold Award - the top award in Girl Scouts. In the fall/winter I co-lead a group of boys (it was 10 last year, but this year it will be 6) middle-school boys in a LEGO Robotics competition team. I also volunteer some at the schools (less than I used to) and am generally willing to step up for other little tasks that need to be done (although I'm getting better at saying "no"). The one volunteer activity I won't help out with if I can avoid it? Fundraising. I hate fundraising. I'd rather do something hands-on - direct delivery of services.

Who do I tag?
Good luck ladies!


Cate said...

Dutifully posted, here. But only because is was you. *vbg*

Rose D. said...

Yay, your list is up! It's awesome to see the diversity among our writers and to get a random peek into each others' lives.

Obviously you have a lot of creative genes! :) I love card-making of all kinds--with flower cutouts, stickers, drawings, fancy popup things, anything fun or different. I like crocheting, but my work tends to stretch wider and wider. {g}

Love that old house! But I guess they're more beautiful to look at than to live in all the time. {g}

Amy Dupire said...

Hi Jenny,
Yes, you are a creative lady. I still have the lovely bookmark you made for the Surrey folks. I'm totally with you on the professional student thing, too!
That's still what I want to be when I grow up.

Jenny Graman Meyer said...

Thanks Cate for playing. It was fun to see your answers. (Glad to know I rank high!)

Rose - thanks for inviting me to play. It was an interesting look into myself as well.

Amy - Maybe in a few years we'll see you back in Surrey again? Will you be entering the writing contest this year, or are you going to let someone else win for a change? {g}

Gerb said...

Meme answers posted. : )